Singular Design

Changing our ideas, to save the planet.

"Because it is, what it is……"

It's not a particularly original dream.

Save the world, change the world, make it into a place that I want to live; happily, contentedly, quietly. A safe place where I can walk, talk, run, swim, cycle and simply breathe more easily.
But it's not really the globe that needs to change.
That, given care and attention; or even lack of; will eventually heal itself. It's humankind that needs to change; and that has to occur in our interaction with the planet on which we presently reside.
My dream then, in essence, was about what I could do; and, not being a captain of industry, politico nor dictator; what I would have to do to find a way of achieving my dream.
"The only thing that you can really change in life is yourself."
I wasn't going to change the planet (I have no delusional ambitions!); so the option was to change myself, my mindset and to stop hurting the planet by a total lack of concern.
Live my life as an example (perhaps not exemplary); take better care of myself, take better care of what I do, how I think, the way I behave and tread the world with as light a step as possible.

It actually isn't that much to ask, but it can be very difficult to change.

And these days there are so many alternatives and options.

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