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What do I need?

A Roof over my head
It doesn't have to be static; maybe a caravan or a tent. Rent, buy, stay at friends or family, we all need something or somewhere to keep the weather at bay. Although I know this isn't true for all, I see so many people sleeping on the streets these days. So, if we're lucky, and can put together enough money, then at least we have some shelter. I'm one of the lucky ones and have my base to begin.
Diet needs discipline.
Reduce ready meals and takeaways.
Organic, Fair-trade, Seasonal.
Five a day, no red meat, fruit, veg and drink more water?
Far too many. But with the vagaries of weather; still far too many.
Cut down, cut out, give away.
Charity and clothes banks.
Not enough, but not wasting money on joining a gym. Workout at home, follow on Youtube, get a bicycle.
Smaller Carbon Footprint
Not so high.
No car, small flat; only problem is if I go travelling, or even travel to work.
Work I enjoy
Does anyone really love working?
And what I love doesn't make me enough.
The necessary evil. We all need it, but do we need it all.
More so perhaps, because initially going green can cost more.
Sunshine (Vitamin D)
Something else that we all need, but it's not always so easy to find, here in the UK. Which is why we travel to warmer climes.
Family & Friends
Stay in touch, they're good for you, and you for them.
Less Stress
Lose the job, find something that you enjoy and makes you enough money to get by.
Smile More
Should occur naturally, if everything else falls into place.
I've noticed how it makes a difference. Such a simple thing, and yet it can brighten up the day.

Like all makers of lists, this is not in any particular order of importance; simply the order in which they came into my head.

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